Thursday, February 04, 2010

Iza's Mouse Skins

IZA:  I skin toy mousies pretty fast.  But I dint knoe The Big Thin kept them.

So today, he put a bowl of them on the floor.  Now, we allus run ta anny bowl he puts onna floor.  It might be food.  Or toys. 

But we were amazed that it was all dead mousie toys.


We were both amazed!  It was a whole bowl of skint mousies an toy mousie bodies!  Who knew they came that way?   And he been SAVIN them!
We asked The Big Thing iffen he could make them good toy mousies again.  He said he will try.   That means he WILL.  We think...

He does mazin stuff, sometimes.  But sometimes his ideas werk and sometimes not.  So we nefer know until we see it.  But he says we been playin with "fixed" mousies afore, so we guess he can do it again.  All we care abour is if there are mousies ta play wif...