Saturday, February 06, 2010


AYLA:  WOW, have we gotta lot of SNOW!  Its awful.  It even worse that what we got last month, and that was real bad.

We can hardly see annythin lookin out the big deck door.  The snow is so high there (high as me if I stretch up the door) that all we can see from the floor is tree tops.  But its worth staying there some, cause the birdies keep hoppin around real near the door cuz the snow is shallow there.  At least its somethin to look at.

I'm luckier than Iza, though.  I can jump up to the high bafroom windersill!  Its not easy cause it is high an there is a towel rack in the way.  An the tile floor is a bit hard when I jump down.  So The Big Thing helped me some.  He put a telephone stand right unner the window and now I can go up an down in 2 easy hops.  But Iza cant even manage that.  TBT lifted her up there once and she looked at all the birdies at the feeder, but she dint like bein up that high yet dint wanna jump down.  So she cried a little and he lifted her back down.

It IS nice watchin all the feeder birdies, though.  We got a lot of them (birdies, not feeders).

Its good that TBT filled both the feeders when the snow started yesserday.  One is sunflower seeds for the cardinals and other large birdies.  The other is thistle seeds for the little birdies.  It hangs from the roof next ta the house.  Unfortunately, its hard ta take a picture of that one.  The birdies all fly away when the deck door is opened.

But there sure are a LOT of the bigger birdies.  I'm glad he put out seeds fer the.  Not so much that they have food, but that gives me something ta look at. 

Well, I suppose it is good that he feeds them, annyway.  That way, they will still be here ta watch (and mebbe catch) in the Spring when I hope ta get outside again.

And the snow is STILL fallin real hard!  Sometimes I can hardly even see the birdies at all...

TBT did help Iza some.  He put the Otto Man next ta the deck door.  She can just see the feeder itself from there, so she is able ta see the birdies there but not the ones onna ground.

TBT is postin more pics on his own blog.  He says the snow pics are more about the outside yard than us.