Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Possuum Kitty Again!

IZA:  O wow, the possum kitty came by again!  I love watchin it.  It comes so close to the door.  I can almost touch it!

Yes, that s the possum kity.  And yes that's  TBT's  dinner.  Salad (home grown lettuce), BBQ pork in spaghetti, and there were fried mushrooms in that other bowl).  

The wine is somethin called Zin Fendal.  I smelt it once, it was horrible.   All acidy and fruity...

Here ya see a good look at it.  It runs whenever I look at it.  It better!  Kitty or not, it is annoyin!

I begged TBT ta let me out, but he wouldn't.  I just know I would chase that thing right out of our yard.  He doesn't think so, but I am young an strong, an fearless.

Well, he seen how I attack mousies fearlessly, so he ought ta know that I will attack big possum-kitties the same way.  I don't want then on MY deck!