Friday, February 12, 2010

More Snow!

IZA:  We got MORE SNOW Wendsday!  We are all totally sick of it.  The old snow had hardly begun ta disappear and now there is more of it.  And this time our lectricity went off fer an hour!

[TBT:  A trivial matter compared to those who lost power for days, but we have underground cables here, so it was quite a surprise.  And there was the whole hour of worrying that it MIGHT be days...]

The old snow had melted some, so I was able ta get out a bit on some high stuff.

That stuff looks too deep ta walk through an too soft ta walk ON.
I saw another clear spot further out, so I went there ta look at the birdies.
So, where do I go now?

Back inside, I guess.  That deck rail looks slippery.

After the new snow stopped, the part nearest the house melted a bit, so I decided ta try that direction...  But as soon as I got part down the stairs, it got thick again,  So I came back up.

Then my paws were gettin real cold, so I headed fer the door.
It was time fer some crunchies anna trip ta the litterbox!