Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Cat Olympics - Outside Litterbox Event

Well, we were a day late with our Snow Poops pictures for the official event at Sumac Stories, so we are showing our entries here.

We haven't been out much this month (Ayla none at all) and Iza won't go out on snow at all, so we been doin our "business" inside.  But we saw an Introoder Kitty stop on OUR snow an do his business right there!  We were real annoyed. But when The Big Thing went out ta look at the spot (ta confirm what we feared), he realized that the several other odd shapes in the snow were cat-business too...

So he took pictures.  He found 3 different spots where some Introoder Kitty had "covered up". 

First, a pee spot ..

A well-covered spot for "something".
The outstandingly obvious...
The get-away tracks...

We have noted his markings and will pay him back for this insult to our nice clean snow and yard someday.  But we do haf ta admit that he is a champion pee&pooper on snow!