Monday, February 22, 2010

More Snow Birdies; Kitty TV

AYLA:  With the snow refusin ta go away, and The Big Thing not wantin ta go out in the 2' of snow still sittin on the ground ta check the birdie feeder, he been putting seed out in trays on the snow ta make sure the birdies are fed.  One tray in unner the deck where it is clear of snow, one is just beyond the patio where he can reach, an one is on the top of the snow on the deck where we can see real good sittin on the Otto Man (which he kindly dragged over to the deck door - inside of course).

So we get ta see the birdies up closer than usual.  So long as we don't move, the birdies don't mind.  And the pretty cardinals have finally found it.  They were nervus at first cuz it bein so close to the house, but they were hungry...

The little birdies got at the seeds right away.  We dont know if they is stupider, or braver, or hungrier, but they came to the tray the first minute it was out.  But the big cardinals waited.

The snow on the deck is still 2' deep, but it slopes down to the house real fast .  So there is just space ta walk outside.  So I am really frustrated fer TWO reasons.

First, Iza can go out but I cant.  What, The Big Thing thinks Im gonna run off in 2 feet of snow?

[TBT:  Yes, because you can levitate] 

Thanks...  Second, because she sits out in the clear space, then suddenly sits up to see where they are and they all fly away!  At least she could try a random pounce.  She wouldnt catch one, but she would land in snow deeper than she is.  They would be amusin!  Well, Im stuck inside, I need some laffs...

Oh well, a coupla more birdie pictures.  This is what we are seeing from inside.  ITS MADDENNING



One little black an white birdie came right down onto the clear area near the door and hopped all around.  Not TWO INCHES from me.  Fer a COUPLE of MINUTES.  I chittered so much my mouf still hurts  I think he knew I couldnt get at him...  Ive noted his markings VERY carefully.  When the snow melts and I can wheedle my way outside again, Im gonna find him...