Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hanging Plant Pot Mystery Whisker

THE BIG THING:  I mentioned saving kitty whiskers last week.  Well, I got a surprise today!  Not a whole bunch of whiskers, just one in a strange place...

I have a few hanging plant pots around.  Most happen to be in places where you would not even think a cat could get at.  I mean, as in "if there were squirrels in the house, I would not worry about them getting to the pots".

So imagine my surprise at going to water one and spying a very definite kitty whisker on the soil surface!  I can't get a good picture of the whisker on the soil surface, but trust me it was there.

Here is the hanging pot.

It had to be one of Ayla's whiskers.  Not because of the length.  While Ayla's whiskers are mostly long and Iza's are always short, this one was short and Ayla does have some short whiskers too.  But mainly, Iza could not possibly have gotten up there.  I'm not sure how Ayla did, either, but she seems to levitate sometimes (there is that lingering question of how she managed to get up on the roof last month).

The cats constantly amaze me.  I'm probably going to find a whisker stuck to a ceiling cobweb some day...