Friday, February 26, 2010

A New Cat Olympic Medal!

AYLA:  Well, I am just stunned!  I got a Gold in the StrongCat competition! 


And I am such a small kitty!  Wow! Iza is a big strong kitty yet she couldn't find  good picture fir the event,  She is SOOO Jealous!

I got this for pushin over the ottoman AND the lava lamp at the same time in one great effort,  The Big Thing says it had ta be about 25 pounds! The Lava Lamp made a WUNNERFUL crash when it broke down the stairs.  And what a MESS it made.  I was so proud.  The Big Thing wasn't all that thrilled, cuz that Lava Lamp innards were hard ta clean up.  But that's his problem.

Even Iza hasnt done THAT yet...