Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Indoors Nip Plant

Our poor Nip Plant is beginnin ta look a bit worn out!  The Big Thing says its cuz it misses the sunlight.  He gives it much as he can, but its Winter an all so there isnt much.

 Well, duh!  We know THAT!  We hardly saw a single sunpuddle all Feb, and they are usually right where the Nip plant is sittin.  When it wasnt snowin out, it was all cloudy and dark.  We doesnt really remember last Winter too well, so we hafta go with what he says.  Hes seen LOTS of Winters...

It was taller than us when TBT brought it inside in October, now its just a couple inchs with tiny leafs.

Of course, it probly doesnt help much that we nibble on it often an bat the stems fer fun (well, its right there on the floor).  The good news is that he says there are several outside already growin unnerground, so we should get ta see those in a couple Big Moons.  Yay!