Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Wearing Of The Green

Iza O'Meezer here:  I must show off my respect fer the St, Patty's Day...

First!  There is the drivin off of the the green snakes!...
I kilt those serious good.

Then!  I had the challenge of the broad green.  This is where ya charge across the heather and attack the enemy...

I'm lookin fiercely fer my great opponent, but he dares not challenge me on the Green!  The coward...

I looked all around fer him but he had fled the fields!

After that!  I charged to the farmlands, rippin up the whole earth as I went...

It was the green tomato season.  I laffed thinkin of how they would miss their green tomato crops in their evil stews!  AND I killed their LAST weak pathetic dragon!

I walked off the field in victory.   See my tail up high?

Oh Kitty Girl, the mice, the mice are calling
From fence to fence, along mole tracks they come.
The Winter’s gone, and all they come a sniffin
Tis I, tis I and mousies must succomb.

But come ye back when Summer is a callin
Among the forest leafs ye must abide
Yet when the morning light comes there is a maulin’
We meet again in ancient toothy pride.

Oh Kitty Girl, the mice, the mice are calling…...........
Well, that's my entry...  Hope it was a good one!

Iza O'Meezer