Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mousies Unner Stove

IZA:  My rattley mousies often end up unner the stove.  Sometimes I can reach in REAL far an get them out, but sometimes I cant.  So I have ta ask The Big Thing ta to it.  Hes real good at that.

He uses a stick he made wif a hook ta get them out.  An if THAT doesnt werk, he pulls the whole DRAWER out and feels around the edges.  Sometimes there are 3 or 4 mousies in there!

Well I tried ta get them yesserday.

Then Ayla tried (an even pushed herself unner the drawer).  But we didnt get THAT picture.

Then I hadda ask fer help.

Can You get them out for me please?

He did...  And brought out 3 rattly mousies and a squiggle!  Bast, I love that Bein.  But dont tell him...  It wouldnt be catly, ya know?