Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Good Adventure Outside

IZA:  I get ta go outside iffen I want.  Which is not that often...  But I went outside with The Big Thing just ta be near him.

[Ayla:  Iza is a Daddy's girl.  Kissie kissie]

Hey!  Write yer own posts "Miss twitchy tail I wanna Mancat"!  This ones mine!

So I was out with TBT an he was doing his outside stuff.

I checked fer mousies by the carpet around the tree.

I even pawed up some of it cuz I could smell them there!

Then I rested on some warm rocks.

I nodded off in the shaded but warm spot.  That was SO NICE!

TBT was pullin up weeds from just a few feet away, so it was good bein close ta him outside...  I dont like being far from him.  Makes me a little nervous, ya know?  Ayla is a wanderer; Im not.

Then he decided ta go in and called me ta follow.  I did.  I got some treats fer doin that...  Yum!