Friday, April 02, 2010

The Most...

We present to you, for your utter astonishment and amazement, "The Most"...

"The Most" what, you ask?  Well, we'll tell you...

"The Most" actual Kitty Litter you ever saw in your life!!!


Yes, girlcats and mancats, it is real kitty litter!

And guess what else?


Well, yes, some of us are very outgoing kitties, too, but what we mean is; THIS IS USED!  Yes, the GENUINE stuff!  300 pounds of real used KITTY LITTER!

Its on its way ta the landfill (courtesy of The Big Thing and his little hauling trailer).  We hope the seagulls like peckin around in THAT!  Bwa-Ha-Ha...  And we bet the landfill wont have anny rats in a "certain area".  MOL!

It took us from October to taday to accumulate it all, and we are really proud of ourselfs (to be fair, LC helped too).  That sure is a lot of water, Meow Mix, and canned Evo chicken...  This REALLY puts the "stinky" in "stinky goodness", doesn't it?

We should mention why we accumulated all that kitty litter.  Ya see, we dont have curbside trash pickup.  And the landfill charges by the pound.  BUT, they have a $5 flat fee for "residential trash".  So The Big Thing just stores it in these buckets in sealed bags until it they are all filled then goes to the dump.

[The Big Thing:  Joke:  Where does the Lone Ranger take his trash?

To the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump...]

Cringe... Please stop embarrassing us like this TBT!

Annyway, we were ABOUT ta say that the kitty litter didn't go alone.  There were 2 recycling bins of wine bottles.  [I was saving them for 6 months thinking I might try making my own wine, but that's not going to happen.]  Ahem!  As we were sayin...  And the noisy machine was filled with empty boxes, bundles of newspaper, and 6 bags of trash.

Dont crinkle yer nosies, kitties, we'll explain the 6 bags.  The "trash" is not stinky.  Anything organic gets composted here.  Annything recyclable gets, well, recycled.  That leaves annoyin plastic wrappings, some styro-foam what isnt liked by the recycle Beins, an stuff like that.  So...  6 bags and 6 months.  1 bag a month isnt too bad!

So, taday, we start fillin up the buckets again.  We're gonna start wif TOONA tonite...