Tuesday, April 06, 2010


IZA:  I'M 2!

I'm celybratin it wif a party!  Good foods and toys of course, but mostly a MOUSIE HUNT!

Not toy mousies indoors (though those are surely good and fun an we got plenty of those available too), but outside real mousies...

It will start now (sorry, we slept late).  There will be tours of the best mousie holes.

Suggestions fer best catchin of mousies by me and Ayla (cause she is really good at it too), and "other fun things".

Like running the yard fast, climbing up trees, laying on warm rocks, sittin on the deck tops, playin with twigs (we got lots of those efrywhere), and finding frogs.

And there is inside stuff fer kitties not allowed outdoors.  We got boxes, bags, and our really good cat tree fer scratchin and climbing, an a long hall fer THoE.

We haf it on the best authority that we are all allowed to run over The Big Thing's bed and even better, the dresser drawers will be open fer lookin into!!!  And I am pleased ta report that the laundry hamper will be left OPEN as well!

There will be good places fer nappin, too!

Aside from the special Hams and Shrimps and Nip, The Big Thing says there will be 4 bowls of different treats. 4 bowls of flavored drinks (niptinis, meowgaritas, singalong slings, and mousie liquors).

5 PM UPDATE:  Oh my, the place has been JUMPIN today!  I am so thrilled...  There have been about a squillion kitties from about 50 households over here so far!  This is my best birfday EVER.

It has been ecitin to show some kitties their first ever natural mousie holes and when they sniffed the holes they were jus thrilled!  So rich and redolent!  Some of the esperienced hunters found brand new mousie holes we hadnt found yet.  The mousies are so active this time of year even The Big Thing found a brand new mousie hole (which he discreetly pointed out to a couple of our inesperienced guests so they could claim the find).  And, of course, since they were the first KITTIES to find them, that counted for them.

The mouse catch is up to at least 6 (we think a few others got caught and eaten quietly), and a salamander was discovered (but TBT decided to save it), and 2 little skinks were flushed out (and disappeared).  But we have made sure what every kitty who neffer tasted a mousies got a bite (iffen they wanted - a couple declined to eat food not from a can).

Several normally indoor kitties have discovered the joys of peeing and/or pooping outdoors.  There were so many of us outside and TBT WAS there and there IS the huge tall fence, that some dared come outside and try it.  We still have the ground covered wif leaves, so that was very enticing.

And of course, we all keep runnin inside ta get the good party foods and play inside games too.  The boxes and bags are fun.  But the big hits are both the 15 toy mousies and the 3 squigglies and the cat tree.  I may NEVER find some of those mousies again the way they been batted all over the place an under the furniture an down the stairs.  TBT says not ta worry, he will find them all again.  Whew!

The cat tree has been the place for many "King/Queen Of The Hill" contests.  Most kitties have gone the usual route of running from the lower platforms ta the top, but some others have discovered they cam jump straight ta the top from the table or even the floor.  It was so active at one point that TBT had ta stand on the base ta keep it from slidin around.  But he is sneaky...  A couple of times, he helped out some of the smaller kitties by giving a suttle nudge to the current King/Queen.  Heh, Heh...

The drinks and food and treats have been goin fast, but TBT stocked up fer the party, so we aint runnin out of annything.  There are hours of light still ta go and esperienced outdoors kitties will be allowed ta hunt for mousies after dark iffen they promise not to try the fence.

I nefer realized how much fun being 2 would be!  Yippee!!!

10 PM UPDATE:   Still packed with kitties.  Even The Big Thing is amazed.  The outdoors kitties have all come in with the harvested mousie tab up to 14!  They are now all enjoyin the inside foods and drinks.  The mousie licqeurs are a big hit as are the singalong slings.  And the treats of course.  The focus has become the THoE, the stairway races, and the laundry hamper dive.  The "King/Queen of the Hill" is about used up as we have learned who the winners always are.  New guests could change that though.

We think our indoors nip plant is about nibbled to extinction, though TBT assures us it will grow back (and there are several he spotted outside emerging for the year). 

We remain thankful that he has been continuously cleaning the 4 litterboxes in the basement.  With all the kitties coming inside  and all that good food, there has almost been a line waiting for their use.  That's OK. 

Wif all the mousies ta sample, the ham has aktally been ignored a bit, but the shrimps still remain popular.  Most are just warmed, but some are cooked, as some of the guests like them that way.  TBT is taking specific requests on those.

We have also opened some of our separate canned favrits:   Evo Duck, Venison, and Turkey Giblets.  Wow those are great...

Now back ta the toy mousies, squiggles, and the cat tree...