Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Birfday Party Report


What I great birfday party I had! 

So many friends showed up (and some I never quite caught the name of).

There were highlights:

Chey and Gemini left us a ham “just fer us later”.  That was great.  The Big Thing will be taking pieces off for us later today.  YUM!  And he won't eat anny himself cuz its mine!  Ayla can haf some small bits though.

The Creek Cats all showed up, and were great at the mousie hunt.

Zippie, Sadie, and Speedy came by to leave good birfday wishes.  And they were great at the box and bag jumping games.

As did the wildcatwoodscats.  Who were great on the cat tree.  And they enjoyed starin at our fishie tank!

Siena and Chilli enjoyed the laundry hamper lots.  In fact The Big Thing had to take them out of it .  Apparently, his undershirts are really good-smelly to them.  Well. We like them too.

Sylvester, Camille , and Ava were great at the box games.

Oh, the Meezers and Billy.  Hoot!  Life of the party.  Sammy even found aliens in our own house.  Miles rolled his eyes at Sammy.  Billy can SURE dance.  Which was weird cuz the music was "lite classical".

Shadow and Molly – Niptini lovers!  But discrete.  Meaning they only danced on the table when asked.

Socks and Scylla and Artemesia and Fenris – Great outdoors kitties and woofie.  Great mousers.  And Fenris stayed politely by the fence to not scare anyone (and keep any outdoors kitties from jumpin it).  We are glad we hadda big soupbone fer him ta enjoy).

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout, now there were a great team at looking into The Big Thing’s clothes drawers!  Top work, all.

Daisy even came by.  Now we know where the lizards went!  Tummy-fodder!

Psycho Max got ta sniff a real mousie hole.  He doesn’t usually get outside, but this was a special occasion.  We‘re not gonna say he passed out sniffing the mousie hole, but The Big Thing DID hafta carry him inside.  “Cause cats should be carried everywhere, of course”, Max said afterwards.  And we gotta mention the Max was King of the Hill several times.  Not because he beat the others off but because he CONVINCED them to leave.  Way cool, Max!

William popped over for a bit.  He DOES love shrimps!  And the meowgaritas!

The whole gang from Amy and the House of Cats visited in time to catch mousies.  They are very good at it.  They got 3!  And shared them…

Sweet Praline came by ta see if my tummy furs really are as soft as mink.  It was.  We groomed each other.  That was really nice.

Calle,Halle,andSukki (so close there aren’t even spaces) came by ta check out the open clothes drawers and have some niptinis inside with Ayla.  She loved that.  There are rumors that the girls all visited the bottom of the hamper at once, (Woodda been a GREAT picture!) but I can’t prove it cuz I was outside…

With Samantha, Clemmie, and Maverick hunting mousies.  Maverick was a good boy and helped Fenris keep all the curious kitties from jumpin the fence.  GOOD BOYS!  Sam and Clemmie are good mousers.  We caught 2 and I won’t tell who dint!

Oh, OK, it was me.  Ahem.

Amy’s whole House of Cats came by at once and the cat tree really got active!  Vergil was so ecited ta get to the top on the King of the Hill game.  (Don’t tell him he had some friendly Bein help)…

We were so glad ta see Goldie.  A great mouser, and proved it!  Got 2 hisself!  And shared, of course.

Brian ‘ported in.  He is a good conniseur of mousie liquers!  Great taste.  Could tell the good ones with a single lick.

Harry Spotter caught his first live mousie!  Talk about thrilled…  He carried it around (casually) all evening just to get conversations going.  Nothin like yer first mousie! 

Charlemagne and Tamar came by for their (first?) Singalong Slings.  I joined them in one.  Whew!  Nip, Beef flavor, and bubbly water…  I might have another,

But Spitty-The-Kitty dropped in and I hadda greet him [edited to correct] (well the pleasure was all mine).  We went outside fer some mousie hunting.  He is a good friend.  We seem ta have a lot in common.

Oh Bast, it’s the Island Cats!  Break out the treats TBT, there’s a bunch of them.  And then they went THoE!  I say the whole house shook!   There are better individual kitties at it, but as a group, they rule at that.  I think they practice at home!

Yay, Derby and Ducky made it ta the party.  They made those toy mousies move!  They are great batters!  And they love the ham and shrimps! 

And there were lots of other kitties who came by.  It’s just that The Big Thing isn’t very good at keeping notes.  He isn’t very good at telling us apart sometimes.   MOL!

Ayla is passed out meetin so many real Meezers.  I liked meetin all the non-meezers (though of course I like the meezers too).  
Wow, what a day!  I'm sackin it in .  I think Ayla and me will sleep on The Big Thing until noon at least and we he gets up, we will just stay on the bed.  Until twilight, of course...