Friday, April 09, 2010

A Problem

THE BIG THING:  I'm taking over the blog for right now.  I have to mention a problem from the past week.  I was trying to avoid it, but I need any advice I can get. 

Ayla and Iza get along fine in the house.  They both nap on my lap sometimes together.  They sleep with me on the bed at night.  They eat in the same room.  They wrassle friendly often.  But Iza is a bit of a bully sometimes.  Ayla can hop up high when she needs to, so that isn't a major problem.

The problem is when they are outside.  Ayla likes to go over the fence into the wilder woods when she is allowed outside.  That's been "OK", she usually returns at night. 

But then Iza started waiting at the door and threatened Ayla when she wanted to come inside.  I had to protect Ayla as she came in.  It got worse last week.

As Ayla went outside, Iza followed.  The instant Ayla pranced toward the fence, Iza lit out after her like she was an intruder kitty.  Ayla ran over the fence easily and Iza could not follow her.  When Ayla returned later, Iza chased her into the house and made some fur fly.  I had to separate them for an hour, but after that, they were fine again.

The last time, Iza jumped on Ayla while still on the deck!  Ayla jumped off (10' to the lawn) and Iza chased her out of the yard.  And screamed at her while halfway up the fence.  Iza has never climbed halfway up the fence before, nor has she screamed at Ayla before.

Ayla would NOT return to the yard for 4 days!  I saw her around often.  She was wandering near the fence all the time.  She would sit ON the fence frequently.  But she would not come in the yard.  It did not matter whether Iza was out or in.  If I approached her quietly and alone, she would hop off the fence and stay outside.  I was feeling sick and worried.

If Iza was outside in the yard, I could always tell where Ayla was because Iza was right opposite inside the fence warding her away.  No screams, just "I dare you to come back over the fence".  I should mention that Ayla is 5.5 pounds and Iza is 11.5 pounds.

Finally, at the end of the 4th day, Ayla showed up at the deck door.  I grabbed Iza and held her high and opened the door.  Ayla hesitated but came inside.  I closed the door fast.  Then I closed Iza in the bedroom and attended to Ayla.  She was so loving and happy, so at least I know it wasn't me she was trying to escape from.  I gave her canned food in small amounts over 2 hours and water.  She curled right up on my lap and purred .

So it is something between her and Iza.  Yet, when I opened the bedroom door and let Iza out, they got along fine, sniffing and grooming. 

I first thought that it was because Iza is very possessive of me (you would think she was on a 2' leash attached to my ankle).  But, inside, they are (mostly) fine.

It's outside that is the problem.  Outside, Iza treats Ayla like an intruder or even prey for the past 2 months.  I don't understand it.  If Ayla just sits on the deck, she is generally safe, but if she moves toward the fence, Iza attacks her.  The last time Iza just wnt insane attacking at Ayla.

Idea 1.  Iza suddenly treats anything that moves away from her as prey.

Idea 2.  Iza wants to be an only cat but only thinks she can drive Ayla away when she is outside.

Idea 3.  Iza is going crazy because Ayla keeps going into heat (Ayla has been spayed twice, but it hasn't worked).

Idea 4. Something else.

If any kitties or Beins have any advice or suggestions, I could sure use it.  I give them both a lot of separate attention.  I try to give them both attention when they are being friendly to each other.  I don't favor either of them.  I am wondering if a third cat, male, might bring some calmness to the house, probably an adult one (having a larger friendly cat than Iza might settle her aggressive habits).  Or that might make things worse. 

Please help us...