Monday, April 12, 2010

New Kitty Blog

And here we thought it was a crummy day cuz The Big Thing locked us in the bedroom so he could do his taxes wifout bein bothered having us whap papers all around!  Well, we would have...

But as soon as he was done, he let us out and we checked our blog.  We gotta comment from a former lurker!  And they started their OWN blog.  So we went right over.

They are Katnip Lounge an there is a whole Cuddle of them!  Go visit them an welcome them to the Cat Blogosphere!  They are tellin us all about themselves (naturally, bein new) and thats ALLUS fun to read.

Iza Gets More Demanding

How delinquent kitties begin...

IZA:  Hey, you up there.  Toss me the next toy NOW!

I dont care whether it is a rattley mouse or a squiggle.

But you are up there eatin yer fancy dinner onna TV tray watchin TV an Im gettin NOTHIN!  So I want some attenshun NOW!

I can smack yer TV tray hard an knock that wine glass over right over, ya know.  I broke that one wif yer name on it last month that way...  You thought that was you?  Ha-ha-ha.  Do I haf ta pounce a certain "other" kitty in the house ta get yer attention?  Ya get the drift?

Wait, no, yer NOT pickin me up!  Yer NOT putting me on yer lap!  Yer not layin me down in yer lap!  Yer not scritchin me trying to get me ta nap, nap, ah like the waves on the beach, sterling like the silvery dawn, all comfy and safe as the morning on the bed, sometimes like zephyrs rolling in like Disney fairies in fog, so happy and tranquil, daffodilly-like, and, um, so sleepy and happy an peaceful, like soft waves onna shore an... purr, purrr, purrr, purrr, purrrrrrrr...

[The Big Thing:  Iza fell asleep in mid rant.

Isn't she so cute when she is asleep on my lap...  LOL!]