Friday, April 16, 2010

The Mows Gone?

THE BIG THING:  One of the high points of my pre-retirement days (before March 2006) was checking the online "The Mows" comic strip by Jay Dyke (and a couple other weird anime ones) and reading Max The PsychoKitty's blog.  Max and the "Not Ready For Prime Time" comic strips helped get me through the day. They were both weird and I needed "non-office weird" very much.  The office was killing me...

But what I want to say is that I had a friend who lost his dear cat of many years.  The cat was a hero.  He had been involved in many adventures around the farm.  I emailed Jay Dyke to ask him if he might mention "BD".  I knew it would mean so much to my friend.

Jay came through beyond my expectations!  I had hoped for a slight mention of BD as a side reference somewhere at best, but here is what he put online for all the world to know:

And every word was true!

I read in sadness the short series of posts when Tigey actually died.  I saw it coming, saw the loss, and felt the pain. We all feel the pain of losing a dear kittie friend.  Jan felt it no less than any of us.  We do it in words; he was able to do it in pictures.  I felt so sad, yet understanding, the way he lost Tigey.

If Jan has decided to stop, I understand.  But I will miss The Mows if he does.

I hope that he will continue his obvious love of cats by adopting a new one, a new subject to explore in art and words.   But if it is too difficult, I will understand. 

UPDATE:  It seems Jan has posted a new Mows this very day!  Maybe he is continuing.  He has a blog, It also seems he has some other cats now.