Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jan's Photo Contest Entry

Jan's Funny Farm is having a contest.  April 26 is National Kids and Pet Day, so they are looking for pictures of (appropriately) kids and pets.  Naturally, I don't have any pictures of myself as a kid with a pet.  So I went to the old style photo album and found one...
OK, now the story behind it...

[Photo removed due to objections by human subject]

The "kid" is my younger sister Susie at age 12 (She will probably kill me if she ever sees this).  But I was 18 at the time, so she was my "kid sister".  It was the 1960's (can't you tell by the couch?).  The kitty is our 2nd Siamese cat.  We had just gotten her.

Mom was in charge of cat names and decided on "Hai U Phin" which meant "Pretty Little Girl" in Hawaian or Thai.  I forget which because the previous cat's name (Kenani) meant the same thing IIRC in the other language. 

While the picture is of Susie, Hai U Phin (pronounced "HEY YOU" - Mom's joke) was the youngest child's darling.  Hai U was 3 when Jennifer came along and she (Jen) carried that poor cat all over the house.  Hai U mostly slept on Susie's bed, though, out of self-protection.  Little sisters do not go into Big Sister's bedrooms...

Hai U lived a long happy life in both Maryland and New Hampshire where she enjoyed hunting chipmunks and mice.  She died peacefully at about age 19.  She (and Kenani) is the reason I have always loved Siamese cats and was so happy to finally get Ayla and Iza later in my life.

By the way, as an interesting side note, see the nativity scene on the table?  Dad built that stable.  He shingled it with mahogany veneer on an "old board game".  An original 1935 Monopoly Board!  Wouldn't we love to have THAT back...

So this is my Kid and Pet entry. 

Question:  Dare I send Susie a link to this post?  Or is that tempting Fate too much?

Easy Like Sunday

Ayla:  One of my best places fer long sleepin!

Its a box of old Big Thing cloths, a whole foot of softy wonderfulness.  An Iza never seems ta know when I am in there...  That makes it easier ta sleep longer. 

Or it would, if TBT didnt know I was in there or stopped takin pictures...  On the other paw, he says that he'll get me a nicer lookin box and mebbe a pretty towel on top so I look nicer.  That would be nice.