Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Egg Carton Destruction

IZA:  I like chewy cardboards!  Paper towel tubes are good, toilet paper tubes are good, I bunnykick and gnaw on both.  Boxes are good too, I chew on those an like em perforated alla round the edges!

But nothin beats egg cartons!  OMB!  Thick but soft.  Eminently rippable!  Bunnykickable!  Ya can bat them, knock em done a stairs, or even carry them around!  Such perfection in a "found" toy...

It actally started many Big Moons ago...  I used ta watch The Big Thing drop the empty ones on the floor an then stomp them flat ta put inna recycling box.  Oh I envied watching him have fun doing that.  Then one day I realized I could have fun between the dropping and the recycling part!

So I waited  til he dropped another egg carton while I was there an told him I wanned ta play wif it a while first, an grabbed the carton.  He must not haf heard me, cause I almost got my paw stomped flat!  Sometimes hes not listenin, ya know?

But when he saw me playin wif the carton, he realized a new toy had been discovered, and he was pleased.  He let me tear it apart!  I got pretty good at it.

Heres some pictures of my egg carton fun...

Id show ya a picture of it torn ta shreds after I was COMPLETELY done with it, but it all turned into sucky machine food.  Ill try ta remind TBT ta take a picture of the remains next time...

UPDATE:  Here's the current shredding.  I got more ta chew apart, but I'm gettin there!