Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Losing Pens...

THE BIG THING:  It's always easy to find a pen around here.  All I have to do is just look on the floor around any table or countertop...  LOL!

It must be the shape of the pens that attracts attention...
My computer table pen.  Yes, I stash pens in all rooms of the house.  I keep at least one in my shirt pocket, too.  "Once an office worker, always an office worker". 
Iza is contemplating what to do with the pen.  She's batted it off the table and from the living room into the kitchen.  Now what?
Iza brought this one to the food bowl.  That's where most of her toys end up.  But she has trouble carrying the pen; it's slippery.

The pen "escaped" into Ayla's Hidey Hole.  And Iza doesn't want to try getting in there again!

I would bet there are more pens in the house than toy mice.  Ayla and Iza both love to bat them around (though I only hear Ayla doing it in the dark of night).  I am forever buying new ones as the old ones vanish.

Hmm, I wonder if there is a cat toy market for fake pens (perhaps filled with Nip)...