Saturday, May 01, 2010

An Awardie!

Ayla and Iza: Ooh, we just got this amazingly lovely awardie from Herman!  He is such a sweet mancat...

According to the rules, we are supposed to tell you seven new things about ourselfs.  That isn't easy.  We're not sure there IS 7 new things ta tell.  But we'll try.  Iffen some of them arent new, we hope they are at least innerestin!

An ya gotta link ta the kitty what awarded it ta ya and pass it on ta some others...


1. When a toy is tossed ta me, I usually ignore it.  But sometimes I bounce all around it an give it a single subtle whack.

2. I eat my canned food so fast Iza has barely started when Im done.

3. I can sleep behind the books in the bookcase.

4. I love ta sit on toppa the stepladder leanin on the wall of the basement.  Cuz I can touch the ceiling there.


5.  I love ta lay on my back touchin the walls wif my back feet.  The whole world looks funny that way.

6. I like ta watch ta see iffen Ayla eats her canned food before I taste mine.

7.  And after we eat, I spend a half hour patiently scratchin around both our bowls ta cover it up.  Even iffen they are as clean as new!  Yet I never cover up in the litterbox...

Now, we would like ta pass this great awardie on to...

Scylla, Socks, Artemisia, and Fenris
Milo and Alfie
The whole Cat of Nine Tails crew
The Cat Jam
Shade, Goldie, and Banshee
The whole Katnip Lounge Dozen

We're not sure, but that might be a record total number of kitties (and a woofie).

Time fer lunch now!