Sunday, May 02, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Sleepin onna bed...

 Standard sleepin...

Twisty sleepin.  Seriously, I twist in directions unfathomable.

Upright head sleepin...

Head against the frame sleepin...    Weerd as it seems, it is very comfortable ta me. 
Ill tell ya why.  Ya see, its a water-filled bed.  An when The Big Thing moves, the bed moves a lot.  But it doesnt move near the wood frame.  So we sleep in the corners!

Are we smart or what?

UPDATED:  There were some questions about making claw holes in the water-filled bed.  So I thought I should let ya know that Ive watched The Big Thing when he changes the sheets.  There are several thick blankies unner the sheets, so our claws cant get through them. I spose I could pull up a corner an attack the waterbag directly, but that would be icky-wet.  I won't mention that ta Iza though; she might actally try it jus ta see what happens!