Friday, May 07, 2010

Curly Whiskers!

AYLA:  I gots curly whiskers!  We nefer really noticed til this picture of me in the early mornin Sun...  Cool!

They always SEEMED rather straight...

AND we are in a votin contest for the Mother's Day story at Alasandra's Blog.  Please go vote fer our cat-who-came-before and her impressive mousie display at the Card Club (Kenani the Meezer arranged 9 small prey in 3 rows for the bridge-playing ladies)!  They shrieked!  The votin is close, so we got a chance...  Only 9 hours left though, so vote fast.

We nefer won a votin contest, so that would be real cool to tell GrandMom on Sunday that it was about her and her kitty!