Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tick Tock

IZA:  I'm not sure about mentionin this cuz its a little gross an embarassin, but I am an upfront kitty.  Just warnin ya that this may be a bit "strange".  You'll unnerstand why there are no pictures, though.

Well, it started last night.  The Big Thing was readin his noospapers and I climbed up to block his view like usual.  I turned around once, and he laffed an said I had a dingleberry.  Well, that was embarassin, so I left to take care of it.  I couldn't seem ta get it loose though.

The next morning, TBT said I still had it! I ran off at first ta make a last try at removing it.  I  even did the butt-scootch across the carpet (which always works) but it dint work...  I hated ta do it but I hopped back on the table and asked fer help.  Don't quote me on that or what follows, I'll deny it.

I HAD A TICK ON MY BUTT!  Right "there".  And he laffed about it til he almost passed out.  Yeah, really, he DID!  But at least he did help.  He went an got one of his weird tools.

Well, he got that mean old tick off so easily I could hardly tell it happened!  Though I did fight a bit about getting held down on my side (I dint know what he was doin, an I dint like that at all)  But he was really firm about it, an I know when he is THAT WAY, there isnt anny use in fighting.  He even looked at it unner a magnifying glass afterwards ta make sure its jaws were still attached (they were) before he deaded it.

I felt so much happier immediately!  I'd been SO itchy back there.  In fact, I was SO happy, I groomed his arms for as long as he let me (about 10 minutes, Beins got tender skin). 

Except NOW he is callin me "Tick 'Tocks"...