Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sink Fun

AYLA:   Oh wow, I found a mousie in the sink!  I couldnt get whap it out, so I hadda great time playing wif it right there.
Heres a action shot.  Sorry, I was movin REAL fast.

Then I got it back in the sink.  I swished it around a lot!    And I bit it real good...
Even so, it was still movin, so I batted it around real hard til it stopped.  It was so cool cuz it couldnt get out of the sink!
I did pull it up once ta give it a chance, but it was all worn out...
But then TBT came by an said he hadda use the sink fer somethin.  Ack, there wouldbe sudden hard water splashin!!!  So he grabbed my mousie an tossed it on the bed.  I chased it there an had lots more fun wif it.