Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden Thursday

IZA:  Since Ayla can't go out annymore, and I like to stick close to The Big Thing when outside (and snoopervise), it appears I am now the designated Garden Cat.  Well, it's a better name than "Pudge" or "Tick 'Tocks"...

The garden is just beginning to bloom, so there is lots to show.  Some will be in bigger blooms next week, so I'll save them though...

The small patch of purple Stachys and one Oenothera 'Cold Creek' look very nice today.  That one lonely Oenothera is the last of a larger patch from years ago (so I'm told - I wasnt here then).
It even hadda flutterby!
There is a tomato blossom already!
The Big Thing LOVES those maters!  I don't smell annything inneresting in them myself.  TBT says his Dad hadda cat once who liked them.  Go figure...

[Edit:  Oopsies - I got my days mixed up...  Iza]

Up and Down

AYLA:  This is SUCH a typical picture of us.  I am allus up on somethin an Iza is allus down on the floor. 

Well, of course Iza does sometimes get up on stuff like the bed or the kitty condo or the table, but she hasta werk to get up on stuff so shes mostly a down cat.  I, on the other paw, am almost allus up on stuff.  Ive got 3 windersills ta get up on, theres the kitty condo, the bathroom counters, the bookcases, the puter desk, the tall basement tools, the indoor stepladder, even the noisy machine in the garage (when its quiet).  And chairs, lotsa chairs...

Even when I am down, its only cuz Im goin to a different place ta get up.  And when Im down, Im either prancin or runnin somewhere.  Iza says she stays down "cuz thats where all the toys are".  I know better...  Ya should see her just plannin ta get up on a chair.  She sits next ta it, stares fer a minnit, wriggles her butt a few times, then jumps hard!  She makes it, but ya can tell it not easy.  I dont even hafta THINK about it, just float up!

I get WAY more exercize than Iza does.