Saturday, May 29, 2010

Up and Down 2

IZA:  Ayla is so annoyin sometimes.  SO I CANT jump up on stuff like she can.  That doesnt mean I cant get UP if I werk at it.  Like here:

See?  I can too get up!  An sometimes AYLA is "down".
I jumped from the floor ta the human litterbox cover.  Then ta the sink counter,  THEN (after some careful thought), ta the stand what Ayla uses ta get ta the windersill!  I DID it.  I could go up ta the windersill now, but I dont wanna rub it in.  Yeah, thats the story.  Ferget Im feelin a bit uncomferable up this high.  Oh wait, did I just say that out loud?  Drats.  Never mind I said that.  In fact, I DINT say that.  Im deleting it!

TBT!  Where's the delete button?  This one marked "submit"?  Thanks...

[ADDED:  Oh Bast, we just realized that The Big Thing left his puter set on his own blog (what he KNOWS he isnt sposed ta do) an all our comments ta kitty blogs went out today unner his own name!!!  So unnerstand that those were from US, not him. ]