Sunday, May 30, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  I dont remember this at all.  Im not sure I can call it "Easy Like Sunday" but I was asleep accordin ta the pictures...

The Big Thing says I was hafin "dreams".  Im not sure what those are.  He says that is when ya have thoughts in yer mind when ya are nappin that arent really happenin.  That doesnt make much sense at all, but he is very certain. 

I KNOW I was chasin some mousies around the yard.

It was wunnerful, the best huntin day efer!...

But The Big Thing says I was sleepin on his lap the whole time an my paws and tail were twitching all around an my legs jerked like I was grabbin stuff and runnin.  I dont get it.  But I am there on his lap, so I cant splain it...  He says it was so funny watchin all my paws movin an stuff.

He says I was "dreamin".  Where I was thinkin I was doing stuff but wasnt.

I dont know about this dreamin stuff.  Has this ever happened ta you?