Monday, May 31, 2010

Dinnertime Toy-Tossing

IZA:  I love TBT's dinner time.  That when he tosses toys the most.  Oh sure, there are random tossings annytime of day (and I really do enjoy that).  But dinnertime is the most intense.  I unnerstand that he cant toss toys around too well when he is carryin his clothes to the water swisher or bags of good smelly trash to the garage, but he usually has a few mousies in his pockets and tosses them when he can.

But, like I said, his dinnertime is the best of the day.

He tosses mousies around.  He tosses squiggles around.  I love chasin them.  I even grab the squiggles and bring them back to him ta toss again.

Heres how it goes:

I ask fer some toy-tossin while he is having dinner.  He asks iffen it is a mousie night or a squiggle night.  I always say "both".  Its a joke between us.  He knows I want somma both.

So he decides on a squiggle.  We have 2 red, 1 green, an one multicolored one.  I nefer know which he will use first.  At first, he just waves one around me to get my desire goin.  When I am really focussed, he tosses one over my head.

I JUMP and grab it to the floor.  TBT cheers my effort.  I bring it back to him.  Then we start gettin more complicated.

He swishes it around on the floor and I actually move away from it.  I know it is gonna be tossed farther this time.  Will it be over the open dishwasher door?  Over the TV tray table?  Into the living room?  I watch every twitch of it to judge...

It swishes around on the floor.  This way.  That way.  Up and down.  Ooh, Im goin crazy...

Into the kitchen it goes and I catch it in mid-air, spinning around with it for a minute or so.  Then I sniff it for more movement.  None.  So I grab it an bring it back to him.  Whats next?

It could be a different color squiggle, a rattley mouse, a softie shrew.  We have so many wunnerful toys.  OH!  it is a rattley mouse!  He tosses it up in the air, and I grab it.  Thats easy; a warm-up.  But the next toss is trickier.  He tosses it DOWN on the ottoman.  It can bounce in ANNY direction from there!  I useta haf trubble wif that, cause ya never know where the mousie is gonna go.  But lately, I allus catch it on the first bounce up!  I cant catch it being tossed at the otto man cause I cant see it the.  I only see it on the random bounce.

TBT says I may be "Pudge" but I am becoming one on the fastest-reacting cats he has ever aseen!  In fact, he is beginnin ta worry I might actually catch a hummerbird outside.  He is serious cuz he moved one of the feeders higher.

Annyway, I was catching the random bouncin mousies and he stopped.  Somethin on the TV got his attention. So I hadda ask him ta please toss me another toy.

Well, OK, I ONLY stared at him...  When he noticed me again, he tried ta claim he heard me eatin some crunchies and thought I was tired.  Right.  Eat 2 crunchies and yer out of his mind...

But, to his credit, he really went at it.  there were mousies an squiggles flying around every which a way!  It was glorious!  It was so good that when I really WAS tired of it, I hadda go up near an tell him "no more".  I even said "settle".

Hes good!  He immediately got up, brought a few snacks (good healthy ones like nuts and fruit) to his table, put a leg up and offerred me a lap!

Life is about purrfect there.  I spent 2 hours on TBT's lap while he watched science TV shows.  It keeps him in the chair and thats all I care about.  Yeah, he shifted positions several times, but I am used ta that an I hardly even wake up when he does it.

 I just stay mostly asleep, ya know?

Ayla came by a few times.  She shared some lap space but she didnt stay long.  She wanted to go climb things.  Bookcase, ladders, tables, etc.  Shes weerd.