Monday, June 07, 2010

Drawer Wars

IZA:  Ayla is so proud of the way she is UP on stuff.  Well, we do act in differnt ways.  She dares me ta get inta her territory sometimes.

Like yesserday, I was on the floor an she was up on the smaller where the socks live.  She calls down "I got soft socks up here an you dont.  Ha Ha..."!

So I told her "You better be careful.  Even I can jump THAT high".

She looked around an realized she was on the small dresser...

I jumped up an pushed her away.
An settled down ta lie on the soft socks ta annoy her.  I dint really wanna nap then, but she kinna dared me, so I did.  Just ta remind her who is biggest around here.


Er, I mean, "the biggest CAT around here".