Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Meezer Colors Day

Oh Mousie-Droppings, we almost forgot about it! 

Ayla:  I am a modern slender wedge-head meezer with seal point colors.  I like being long an slinky

Iza:  I am a traditional chubby apple-head meezer with blue-point colors.  I look ezactly like TBT remembers the meezers of his kitten days.  I look more like american shorthairs in body-shape.  TBT says thats probably healthier, so I like that.

Now see us both together.
It is really easy ta tell us apart this way... 

PS -We are watchin a skwerl who dared come up on our deck!

More Destoryed Egg Cartons

IZA:  What can I say?  I just LOVE ripping egg cartons apart.  In fact, The Big Thing doesn't buy enough eggs ta satisfy my carton needs.  So I've asked him ta suggest ta PetsMart that they sell them in the toy section.

And he NEEDS ta visit the toy section there.  I am down ta only 2 rattley mousies.  I don't know WHERE they have gone.  Just a few Big Moons ago, I had 16 of them!  TBT doesnt know where they went.  We are both just baffled.

Personally, I think Ayla been hiding them...