Monday, June 14, 2010

An Awardie!

We are so happy ta get this new awardie from our good friend Herman!  Thank you very very much... It is a great awardie!

We saw this one bein passed around and loved it.  Now we finally get to reply about things about us and pass it ta others.  Yay!


1.  I love beating/pushing the bubbler water bowl around.
2.  Tossed squiggles are the BEST things ever.  I will chase them into annywhere.  I ended up in the dryer once.  (It wasn't turned on)
3.  Rattley mice are next best.  I bat those things around all night an day.
4.  I can sleep unner the blankies ALL night.
5.  I love following The Big Thing around the yard.  Especially cool is hidin in the plants and pouncing his shoes when he isnt lookin.


6.  Lickin the foodbowls so clean they dont have ta be washed (they get washed annyway).
7.  Chasin pompom fluff balls is SO great.
8.  The higher I get, the happier I am.
9.  Iza cant climb at all an I love that.  All heights belong ta ME!

Now we sposed ta give it ta 9 other blogger kitties.  That's too many fer us.  We're gonna do 5.  We searched careful ta see who we wanted ta give it to what dint already have it.  Some blogs dont show awards, so we hadda make some guesses.

We are awardin this to:

Spitty The Kitty
Nico The Polymeezer
Jacqueline's Cat House
The Island Cats
Darling Millie
The Furrydance Kitties
Alasandra's cats
Sweet Praline
Samantha and Clemmie

Oh wait, that IS 9!  (We are countin on our toesies to be sure)  1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Um 6, 7, 8, 9.  YES!  Yes, we are sure that is 9!  Yay, we found 9 deserving kitty blogs that we visit alla time and dont seem ta have this awardie yet (an SHOULD).