Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scratch Pad Fun

AYLA:  I LOVE my scratch pad!  The Big Thing built it for me.  I use it several times efry day!  You can tell from all the cardboard shreds around it.  And there isn't even anny Nip in it...  I just love it for the scratchin.

He is amazed it has lasted so long.  He originally thought he would have ta replace the cardboard efry coupla months (an builded it so that would be easy ta replace).  But I just keep werkin at it an there seems ta be no bottom.

So hurray fer bottomless scratching pads!!!

[ADDED:  Since some kitties remember TBT buildin this fer us, we thought we should add a link to the buildin post.  Ya can see how it was builded HERE.]