Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Standing Tall

AYLA:  While I love ta be up high, I love ta stand too.  Its about my favrit way of watchin things.  This one was 2 months ago when the door could be left open fer the cool weather.  I couldnt get out cuz of that screen thing.
Its really mean, cuz I cant see it.  I bump my head onit.  I mean, one time The Big Thing opened the door, forgetting the screen was closed and I even bounced off it.  Screens is EVIL!

Here I am again, looking out the door.  TBT says I am the longest skinniest healthy cat he ever saw.  He says my dad must have been a snake.
I think thats a compliment of some sort, but you never know with him.  But if Iza said it, it definitely wouldnt be.

Iza says she can stand like this, but Ive nefer seen her do it.  She makes up kinds of stories.  Like ridin in the dryer an walkin on the ceiling.  All I can say is that I haf proof and SHE doesnt.  So THERE...