Friday, July 23, 2010

Almost Jumped In!

Ayla:  That Iza!  She keeps tryin ta trick me.  This time, she almost got me ta hop into a lovely smelly bag...

An I almos DID.  I spose it is MY fault fer bein such an Explorer, but she doesnt haf ta be so advantageous (I looked that werd up) about it! 

Fortunately, The Big Thing came by an warned me about goin in there.  He says I would have been a solid charcoalate point meezer iffen I had...  An then there would haf been a BATH!  OMC, a BATH?

Like real water an soap an stuff.  I dont think I could survive that...

Im gonna GET that girl...  Guarantee that she wont find a toy mice fer a WEEK!