Monday, July 26, 2010

4 Cats, Part 1

THE BIG THING:  I want to take this week to acknowledge 4 fine kitties of a friend.  Ayla and Iza are in full agreement.  My friend Ann and her husband Dan lost the last of them recently and have reached their own “end of an era”.  They don’t have a blog, so I am using ours to celebrate their lives.  Every kitty deserves its day in the spotlight, and I want to give them theirs...

Their original names were Donner, Blitzen, Comet, and Cupid as kittens  But they soon became Plague, Pestilence, War, and Famine.  As unusual as those names seem for good kitties (and they were good kitties), the names were well deserved.  They were all adopted to their Forever Home in 1993.

I do want to mention that this is not about us mentioning them, but about the 4 kitties and the love that Ann and Dan had for them.  Don't praise us for mentioning them, please.  Focus on the kitties and the Beins that loved them...

Each day this week, I will mention one of them.
Plague was born March, 1993.  She came to her Forever Home on Mother's Day that year. Plague had a zig-zag streak across her brow, so she became "Blitzen".  Dan teasingly referred to her as "Plague” after one of the Four Horsemen.  Blitzen and Plague are related words.

Plague disappeared a number of years ago.  They always hoped against hope that she would come back.  Many of us know how that feels.  By the time they knew she wasn't coming back, it was really too late to grieve.  When The Ceiling Cat handed out mischief, Plague got back in line for a second helping.  She had more curiosity in her left paw than the other three cats put together.  She was the funniest cat they ever knew.  The picture is of Plague investigating wildflowers on the property.

Their favorite stories about Plague: Dan brought his boss home for lunch.  He told the boss about the cats doing tricks.  Boss didn't believe it.  Dan said, "Hey, Plague!  Come'ere!"  Plague popped in.  "Stand up!"  She stood on her hind legs to be pet.  "Roll over!"  She tucked her head under her and flopped on her back.  Dan rubbed her belly.  Boss was impressed.  Another time a niece, a dog person, was visiting.  Plague came over and looked at Ann.  Ann signaled and Plague hopped up on the niece’s lap.  The niece was amazed. 

Plague’s nicknames were “Sweetie” and “Laptop”. 

Plague disappeared in the Summer of 2001 at age 7...