Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Destructo Kitty Again!

IZA:  Why me?  I dont wanna be destructive.  It jus HAPPENS, ya know?

See, here is an attractive nuisance.
A pile of some stuff just WAITIN ta be falled over!  I don't WANNA do it.  Im jus there when it gets falled over.  NOT my fault.

OK. so I WAS there when it happened.  That doesnt prove I caused it...
An yes I did LOOK at the stack of tapes RIGHT after...  No crime in THAT, right?
I was as amazeded as anyone when they FELLED RIGHT OVER! 

Why blame ME?  Jus cuz I was there?   I felt a small housequake.  Ya heard of those, right?  So it wasnt ME.   RIGHT?