Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4th Blogiversary!

HI EVRYBODY!  Its our 4th Blogiversary today...  We wanna thank Skeeter and LC fer startin it, and The Big Thing for helpin us with it.  But mainly, we wanna thank all our great friends who make it all worth doing!!!

So please come and celebrate with us.  We have all our toys out, there are empty boxes and bags, and we got foods and drinks!

We are servin Niphoppers (nip juice and cream blendered together, with crushed dried nip sprinkled on top).
And PLENTY of fresh NIP, of course!

Also, fer fun, here is the VERY FIRST POST  on the blog...

AND...  We wanna thank Ann fer our fancier new header!

8 PM Update:
Hey, the place is jumpin!  Good friends all over the house. 

There have been THoE runs back and forth in the hallway, King of the Hill games on the Kitty Condo, and the toy mousies and balls have never been batted around so much.  At one point, TBT just stood at the bottom of the stairs and kept tossing them back up every whichway!

The newest game is to leap from box to box and get in all of them while never being in the same box twice.  For the kittens, there is the same thing with bags, but they are allowed to walk from one to another and aren't blamed fer gettin in the same bag twice.

The Niphoppers are going like crazy!  Its the new "IN" drink.  So TBT has been busy at the blender.  Fortunately, he stocked a good supply of cream and Nip juice.  

The ham, shrimpsies, tuna, and chick-hen are holding out well.  We got lots more stashed in the fridge to be warmed in the hotbox as needed.  

Party ON!

10 PM.  More friends comin by evry minnit!  We are tired out from King of the Hill and THoE,   But we are restin up fer stairway races next.  We just need ta nap fer a bit an haf a Niphopper.   We OK an readdy ta start again at the half hour!

Midnight!  The party is still goin!

Come by for the drinks and foods and play. 

Looks like there is about a dozen of us around now.  Box jumpin is the current game again. 

The ham is goin fast, but the Tuna and shrimps are still available.  And the NipHopper cocktails...Wow those are great!