Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garden Thursday

AYLA:  Oh Wow!  I get to do the Garden Thursday tour.  Cuz it is INSIDE the house!

We harvested a CORN today.  Our first (an mebbe only)!  Ya see, The Big Thing has nefer had much luck with corn here.  It is too shady.  But he decided this year that it might grow well against the Southern foundation cuz sunbeams reflect off it.  An the box needed a year off from tomatoes.

So he tried it wif an old heirloom variety called Golden Bantam.  Its smaller an "cornier" than modern corns.  He planted blocks of 9 at a time, fer "succession" (that's where they grow in small groups at different times so there is not too much all at oncet).

Here is the first one!
The Big Thing did cool stuff ta make it "kernal".  He cut off tassels an wiped them all aroun the silks.  When it was real calm, he tapped the cornstalks ta make them drop their "boystuff" dust on all the corns.  That may be the same thing, Im not really clear on the concept...

We werent sure what we would find unner the outer leafs.  But he pulled them off and we saw this...
There was CORNS! I looked em all over real good.
Yep, there was fer sure something there!
I wasnt sure which part TBT was sposed ta eat.  I guessed the green stuff (it looked like fat grass I chew on).  I pawed at it a bit.  It dint smell good ta chew on.

But he said it was the yeller stuffs...
Huh!  I thought those were seeds fer next year...  He is gonna cook it tonite.

Well, I gotta thank ya fer coming along on my inside garden tour.  I dont get out annymore, so it was a real thrill ta be the Garden Tour Guide this week.

An since we are inside, ya all are welcome ta play wif the rattley an fevverbutt mousies and share the leftovers from yesserday wif us!  An we got fresh nip over in the corner...