Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Weird Sink Problem Solved

THE BIG THING: I do routine home maintenance as best I can. I'm not afraid to replace light switches, install a suspended ceiling in the basement, move my cable wires, install additional telephone outlets, etc. Some things I avoid, like plumbing. But even there I will replace toilet flappers and water supply tubes.

So when the bathroom sink stopper seemed to be falling to the closed position, I took a look at it. It is one of those lever types. There is a "up and down" plunger on top of the sink that moves a lever underneath. Sometimes the connections get loose though.

The problem was that I couldn't find anything wrong! I loosened everything and retightened them, tested it, and it all seemed to be working. Yet in a couple of days, the stopper would be closed again! So I repeated the process a couple of times. I was baffled and about to buy replacement parts.

Then I discovered the cause...

I found Iza curled up asleep in the sink! LOL!

Unfortunately, when I went to get the camera, she followed me. I'm sure you can picture it easily enough though.