Monday, August 30, 2010

Bloo Pillows

AYLA: I love sittin on bloo stuff.  It makes me feel so pretty.  This past week, The Big Thing started takin stuff out of the guest bedroom (where we haven't been allowed to go lately) and put the two bloo pillows on the regular bed.  I climbed up on them immediately and took a nap!
And I should mention that Iza and I are quite excited about the guest bedroom being taken apart.  Rumor has it (TBT talks to himself out loud sometimes) that it is going to become part storage but mostly a kitty playroom!  I caught him lookin at the walls yesserday measuring where he might put kitty trails on the walls.  And a couple new kitty towers.  That would be SO great!

But annyway, back ta the pillows.  They are in 2 places now.  One is onna bedroom chair what has sheets and blankets folded up on it.  Since I already was sleepin there, he said it was easier ta wash a pillow case than a whole sheet.  I liked it cuz the pillow is UNBELEEFABLY soft (an its bloo).
And THEN!  He put the other pillow on the small bedroom dresser.  There are some bed things folded up on there too, but the pillow is even better than the stack of blankies!  I tested that spot out too.  It is as good as the pillow on the chair (an its bloo).  Now I have 3 places in the bedroom ta sleep on soft bloo stuff (the third is my box with the bloo towel he bought just for me)!

Ooh, I almost forgot that I sleep on the soft waterbed a lot too (but its not bloo).  It is very good ta haf so many good places ta nap, and thats just in ONE ROOM!  

I am a VERY happy kitty right now...