Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Drivin Iza Nuts...

AYLA:  I gotta be honest.  Its not ME drivin Iza nuts, though I wish I could claim credit for it.  But actally, shes drivin herself nuts and The Big Thing an I think it is hilarious!

Its because of the commercial fer This product...
I am sure most of ya haf seen it.  They show a kitty gettin its claws clipped too close an screechin about it.  Now, I am sure it is all faked an no kitty was actally hurt, but it SOUNDS real convincin.

I figured out where the screechin was comin from right away, cuz I like ta watch the TV a lot and I unnerstand where the sounds it makes are comin from.  TBT, of course, wasnt at all surprised.

Not Iza!  The first time the kitty screeched (an it screeches twice), she came runnin inta the room looked around wildly fer the angry kitty.  Her tail was puffed an her eyes were as big as GRAPES!  She looked aroun chairs, out onna deck, up on the kitty condo, inna kitchen, an everywhere. 

The next time, she was actally IN the room when the kitty screeched.  She puffed up again and looked everywhere but at the TV.  I dont think she sees the TV so good.  Some kitties seem to an some dont. 
Iza dont! 

This has been goin on fer months and she hasnt figured it out yet.  Whenever the commercial comes on, me an TBT wait for the screech and for Iza ta come runnin in the room lookin around wildly.  I woulda mentioned all this fun earlier, but it took TBT a while ta get a picture of the commercial.

Do you or anny of yer housemates have a screechin kitty hidin in the house what ya cant find?