Wednesday, September 08, 2010


IZA:  Sometimes I just like ta sit an think.  Like when Ayla is asleep in the bedroom and The Big Thing is outside.

Questions come ta mind.  Is the purpose of life catchin mousies outside, the rare bird what hits the winders, or the moths what gather on the doors tryin ta get out or in.

Or is it sleepin on TBT?  Or is my purpose to make Ayla happy?  I know she loves it when I sleep next to her.  So shouldn't I make a point of doing that? 

And then TBT allus loves it when I hop up on his lap while he is watchin TV.  Should I do that more often to make him happier or less often so that he appreciates it more?  It is really difficult to decide.
There is SO MUCH for a cat to consider in daily life.  Beins just don't know all the complexities.

Ah well, I go through these decisions efry day. Any advice is welcome.  The responsibilities of being a cat are great and awesome.