Thursday, September 09, 2010

Garden Thursday

IZA:  Well once again, I welcome you to the garden tour.  Today, we look at the hosta beds!   One is in the back and one is in the front.  The front bed is temporarily surrounded by fencing, so you just need to stay inside it to be safe.  There are harnesses and leashes available for those who are uncomfortable with that.  The Big Thing can manage many kitties on those, so don't worry.

Over here we have a 50' length of hosta.  Some of them did not do so great this year, but others did wunnerfully.  For example, see here...

That is a lovely one...

And then there is a group.  Cant discount several together.

Another grouping.  Ferns, and hostas together, a classic mix.

Now, come along to the front yard.  As I said, it is protected from the street and dogs.
It just doesnt get anny lusher than that!

Now I think we can go back to the back yard where it is safer.

And a surprise from us.  Niptinis on the deck where we can all watch the birdfeeders...  Does it get anny better than that?

An we dont wanna ferget about Mo-Cats Day...

CELEBRATE CATS TODAY!  (an efryday, of course)