Monday, September 13, 2010

Bye, Bye Bloglines...

We are seriously annoyed!  Our RSS feeder, Bloglines, is shutting down Oct 1st.  We got 97teen blogs we follow, an Bloglines is the only one we efer used.

That means we gotta learn a new one, an we hate that!  The computer stuff is REALLY hard fer us, an half the time, we gotta get The Big Thing ta help us.  That means a lotta werds, a lotta sittin at the computer watchin him show us new stuff (gives us a headachy), and sometimes he isnt always very good at it hisself!

So, we're asking fer recommendations of which new RSS feeder we should use.  We know Blogger has one, but it seems we gotta do a lot of werk and enter all the blogs one atta time.  PFFT on that!  Are there any we can just export our bloglist to like "all at once"?  What is yer favrit blog reader?