Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harvest Tuesday

AYLA:  Its not a garden tour, but TBT did bring in some pretty purple peppers today.  I hopped up ta give them a good sniff...

They were kinna strong-smellin, so I hadda turn away. 

TBT laffed an said its good that he doesnt grow the HOT ones...

But I showed ya those so I could show ya this funny one.  See the blur?  Do ya know what it is?
Its ME!  TBT hadda think about this when he saw the picture.  He knew I had jumped just as he was takin a picture.  But he couldnt figure how my face was at the bottom and my body above it inna blur at the same time.  We finally noticed that the flashy dint go off (see how the carpet is duller than the picture above it?).

We think cuz the flashy dint go off, the camera hadda look longer ta get enough light, it it got my head at the end of one jump and my blur in the second.

But there may be other reasons.  Anny good ideas?