Friday, September 17, 2010

Table Fixed

AYLA:  Yeah, I know I been doing all the posts lately, but this time it was cuz Iza DINT WANNA be involved.  See, its about that table Iza crashed over before an she just wasnt gonna get near it again. 

The Big Thing dint wanna spend much time fixin it cuz its 60 years old an all beat up.  Hes gonna build a new one annyway.  But he needed a quick fix fer until then  (which is about 2 projects from now).

It was unsteady cuz its got a single back leg.  So he screwed a single thin wide piece of wood (an old drawer divider) on the back leg.

Its not elegant (an now the table is even uglier), but it kinna matches an it works...

I was brave enough ta get on top at the back tilty corner an it was very steady.  Yay!

It MIGHT even be Iza-proof now!