Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cabinet Fun

We like ta get inta this cabinet.  It the one in the corner where it is hard ta get things out of, so it the junk storage place.  Ya know, bags, paper towels, unused stuff...  Well I learnt how ta open the door (the only one she opens), so we get in there an sniff around.

Usally, I open it just enough ta get in an it closes after me.   I can get out just fine, but Ayla cant get in then.  So sometimes I push it way open so it stays that way.  I did that today.

The Big Thing may not realize it, but there are faint mousie smells unner the paper bags.  That is fun on a boring Saturday!  Whenever he says annything about cleaning it out, we make sure to show him how much we like gettin in there.
We sure hope he doesnt clean it out.  Its almos like a private clubhouse!