Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meow Like A Pirate Day

AYLA AND IZA:  Well we sat around fer 2 days lookin at a page of pirate werds and we just couldnt figure out how ta do it properly.  We had ta face the cold hard fact that we are both just Lubbers!  Then we thought "Hey The Big Thing's stories about Skeeter sound pretty piratey, lets see if HE was good at it."  We searched the Archives.

And he was!  So to cover our inexperience and lack of talent, we are copyin his Meow Like A Pirate Day post of 2007...

Capn Skeeter here, me buckos - an may the wind fill yer sails!

Here I be guardin my horde of warm socks in the Capn's quarters. My scurvy crew o' blackcats would be puttin the "2 paw discount" on effry one of 'em if I dint watch o'er em with all 9 lives. Arr! I'll knock 'em into the bilge with a belayin pin if they do, aye, I would. I might even make 'em dance the hempen jig!

But the scallywags will try anyhow an then I'll have to show 'em the the point of me pig-sticker. Best to avoid that if I can though. If one o' them swabs runs my rig I'd get scuttled or scuppered fer sure.

Well blow me down if I don't smell the toss bein prepared. Its salmagundi, a rare treat fer us dogs a'sea. I best splice me main brace with some grog (thats nip-water to ye lubbers) afore takin me tup. Avast, 1st Mate LC, guard the stash...